Who gets credit as the author?

A ghostwriter by definition is someone who writes in the name of another. I do the work, you get the credit. Some people feel funny about this. The professionals I work with have a high degree of integrity and passion for what they do. The way I see it, I don't believe it's cheating to hire help so you can sound as good on paper as you do when speaking to clients.

What's the process like?

Step one begins with you telling me everything you know so far about your project, article, or book.  How long is it? What's the purpose? What's the best part? Once I get a feel for what you have in mind, I generate an outline for your approval. The outline is the blueprint for what we will build together.

Where does the content come from?

It is the ghostwriter who does the writing, but generating the content is a highly personalized process that depends on your project, timeline, budget, and preferences. Are you an excellent speaker? Do you have model books that inspire you? Have you generated any written material? Can you send me voice recordings? Do you want me to do the research? The process can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you need it to be.  

What do you charge?

Price depends on time and time depends on word count. I charge a lower rate for interviewing time than I do for writing time, and I give discounts for large projects. I'm happy to give an estimate for your project. 

How long will it take?

That depends on the size of your project, my current workload, and how motivated you are. I can work fast and furious or we can take a disciplined approach one chapter at a time. Tell me what you need, I'll let you know what's realistic.

Do you have writing samples? 

One of my Huffington Post articles is linked here and I do have a few freelance projects on my LinkedIn page. I'd also be happy to get you an approved clip or put you in touch with one of my ghostwriting clients. You can read or listen to my personal essays about living in the woods at CarolDunbar.com.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I once wrote a thesis paper with the intent to disprove the existence of ghosts. I was unable to do so. 

working with

a ghostwriter

Carol Jean Butler

"Carol is a creative, talented freelance writer. She has a deep knowledge of the topics she writes about and is a sure-footed wordsmith who can create readable, spot-on content within oftentimes challenging deadlines."  Angelo Gentile, Writer and Marketing Communicator at Proto Labs

“Carol's research skills are amazing. She read a few of our newsletters and other pieces and suddenly became an expert. She captured the essence of our very complex organization without missing a detail. In her hands, even the most mundane topics become engaging. Her writing style has a simple elegance.”      Michelle Greene, Managing Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Minnesota.

“I had the pleasure of working on a project with Carol for the benefit of my business. The project involved me and two of my colleagues, which I felt was a difficult task. Not only did Carol do an excellent job of coordinating all of our efforts, she did so with a very positive attitude. She was creative and it shows in our end product. I have personally received excellent client feedback and owe much of that to Carol.” Daniel Wendol, CEO at Dolphin Financial Group

“Carol helped me write my book, I could have muddled through it myself, but with nowhere near the satisfaction with the final product. She makes you sound great in the written word.” John Pawlowski, Owner and Senior Partner at Norseman Advisory Group