Carol Jean Butler


I am a ghostwriter and I live in the woods. 

Perhaps the most challenging thing about working with a ghostwriter as an individual is getting the writing to sound like you. Not all writers have the knack. What makes me different is my background.

In addition to studying literature, I have a BFA in theatre,  a performance certificate in music from Trinity College, London, and ten years experience working onstage and in film. I write to entertain, and I have an ear for voice. I've found the art of storytelling to be a powerful tool that can inspire and motivate even if the overall goal is to educate. 

My area of specialty is in business and finance, but I have written on other subjects such as food and agriculture. My experience includes writing for major journalism publications, working with fiduciary professionals, writing joint-authored books, and conducting interviews with professionals of various backgrounds across the globe. In addition to full-length books, I also create online content for individuals and organizations including eBooks, articles, lead magnets, white papers, memoir, and personal essays. I write most frequently about retirement income planning, tax diversification, and wealth management and am well versed in the language skills required for passing compliance.

I enjoy writing - even do it on my days off - and I'm living in the woods because it was always a dream of my husband's to build furniture from his own trees. He's really good at what he does, and I ghostwrite for him, too. My essays about our life and times can be heard on the Wisconsin Public Radio Program, Wisconsin Life, and my works of fiction can be found at a 

Now, enough about me. Tell me about you